Case studies





The consulting team of Nancy McCoy and Mary Lou Connolly has over thirty years of home health operational experience to draw upon in assisting their clients to achieve organizational efficiency and success.
Since the debut of McCoy & Connolly in July 2002, Nancy and Mary Lou have assisted home care agencies in numerous ways including:

  • performing organizational assessments and developing action plans designed to maximize home care agency performance
  • assisting agencies in responding to Department of Health Services survey findings
  • conducting mock DHS and JCAHO surveys
  • mentoring and coaching newly appointed home care managers
  • educating agency clinical staff about home health standards, regulations and performance improvement
  • making home visits with clinical staff to assess clinical competence
  • helping agencies to understand and operationalize OBQI
  • and working with home care organizations to determine their information system needs.

Due to their extensive experience in California, most recently as Director of Clinical Services and Administrator of University of California San Diego Home Care respectively, McCoy and Connolly possess leading edge knowledge of managed care and what is recognized as one of the most exacting state survey processes in the nation.